Tutorial: integrative modelling of S. cerevisiae nuclear pore complex (ScNPC) using AssemblineΒΆ

Assembline is a software for integrative structural modelling of macromolecular assemblies - an assembly line of macromolecular assemblies!

This tutorial demonstrates the usage of Assembline on an example of S. cerevisiae nuclear pore complex (ScNPC) from wild-type (wt) and Nup116 (NPC member protein) knock-out (k.o.) cells. By following the detailed data preparation and modelling steps for Assembline the users will be able to reproduce our previously published integrative models (Allegretti et al. (2020)) of: Cytoplasmic Ring Y-complex (CR Y-complex), Inner Ring asymmetric unit (IR asymmetric unit), Nuclear Ring Y-complex (NR Y-complex), Nup116 k.o. ScNPC (at 25C), Nup116 k.o. ScNPC (at 37C).

  • All the necessary input data and modelling templates are provided (as well as some precalculated output) and should be downloaded from our ScNPC_tutorial git repository. In this repository you will find the following directories which include all relevant files per modelling target (subcomplexes and k.o. ScNPC models)



In case you want to directly jump to modelling ScNPCs hence skipping the theory, set ups and general usage instructions then you can continue from the CR Y-complex modelling.

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Data preparation

CR Y-complex modelling

IR asymmetric unit modelling

NR Y-complex modelling

Modelling of Nup116 k.o. ScNPC (at 25C)

Modelling of Nup116 k.o. ScNPC (at 37C)